Delikatess quail eggs ice cream


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Product description

Product information "Delikatess Wailing Eggs Ice Eggs"

12 fresh delicacy quail eggs

You will receive super fresh delicatess quail eggs from natural attitude here.
Different litter, planer chips, linen litter, hay, straw, sand baths and hiding meals. We do not use medicines, antibiotics or other.

Our animals get a lot of vegetables and fruit in a grated form for the genetic engineering-free maintenance food. But also herbs like parsley, oregano, poppy, sage and much more. come to use. The aim is an ecological and species-appropriate animal husbandry. With us you get tested quality, so the high quality standard is secured.

Delivery: 12 quail eggs in the box. Without decoration!

Quail eggs are gem. Marking duty 40 days durable. The best before date is printed on our packaging.

Food hygiene-law approval "Generation and packaging operation: DE HE 21032 EC in the competent regional council, Landgraph-Philipp Square 1-7, 35390 casting.

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