Pinak's insect cracker onion herbs


Snacks with a twist! Do you want crackers that are gluten -free, rich in fiber and a good source of protein? Then you will find it here. The Pinaks insect crackers based on gluten -free oatmeal and 7.5 % house grille flour meet all your snack requests. Available in the two flavors rosemary and onion herbs, the times faders are over.



Oatmeal, chia seeds(Salvia Hispanica), Sesame, rice semolina, poppy seeds, cricket powder(Acheta domesticus)(7%), extra native oil, corn starch, onion powder (2%) or dried rosemary (1.5%), black cumin (2%), salt. 

Oatflakes, chia seed(Salvia Hispanica), Sesame Seed, Rice Semolina, Poppy Seed, Cricket Powder(Acheta domesticus)(7.5%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mais Starch, Onion Powder (2%) or Dried Rosmary (1.5%), Salt.   

Allergens/allergen information 

Sesame/crustaceans, shellfish, mites 

Sesame/ Crustaceans, Shellfish and Mitses 

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