Housing frames (dried), 30 gr.

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✔️ Crispy delicious thanks to roasting in the oven

✔️ Nutty in taste

✔️ High protein content(all 8 essential amino acids)

✔️ Vitamin B2 + B12, zinc, magnesium, iron

✔️ Omega-3 fatty acids

✔️ Without additives

✔️ AUS own German breeding

Our grasshoppings are suitable as topping for different dishes, such as: salads and starters, but can also be mixed with different dishes.
The slightly nutty taste is characterized for the food sects and serves to upgrade the food dishes in terms of taste.
Due to the high proportion of protein of almost 60 %, the high proportion of high -quality fatty acids and the small proportion of carbohydrates and sugar, the grasshoppers are ideal as sports food and help with muscle building and weight loss equally.

Recommended consumption:

You can find the grasshoppers roast with a little oil in a pan and spice up with different spices or marinade.


We breed the insects with us in Germany and are asone of the firstGermany's food breederauthorized.

Quality promise:

Our products are microbiologically examined by recognized analysis laboratories and are free of artificial additives as well as antibiotics, pesticides and hormones.
We offerOnly pure natural productsfor purchase.


With a shellfish or house dust allergy, there is also the possibility of an allergic reaction. Can contain gluten.

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