Insect trading & gastronomy

Insects for trade and gastronomy

Large packages for your trade and for your gastronomy

You want to offer your customers or guests something extraordinary?

Our food insects gross packages for wholesale and for the gastronomy are super suitable for commercial use. Our packages can be stored space-saving and are a real eye-catcher on every dish. The use of insects in the gastronomy is more and more feeding in German restaurants and trade. If your insects need for large events or for your trade or online shop, please contact us. We are very flexible and like to solve challenges with you. Just tell us your wishes. Our insects are all come from German breeding and we only work together with certified dealers. We have the highest quality standards to us and our suppliers.

Insects for trade and gastronomy

We offer different insects, while our assortment of immediately consuming insect snacks, over frozen insects, insect meat, to insect flour. If your anything should not find in our shop, then contact us. We offer our insects to attractive merchants for trade and for the gastronomy and are flexible in the quantity to be ordered and the delivery. We are open for any kind of cooperation.

Our advantages:

- Insects come from German breeding, from certified breeders

- Competence and support in sales and in the application of insects

- Strong customer orientation, therefore, we are open to any kind of cooperation

- Fast solution of challenges and flexible delivery

- Competitive prices and excellent quality of our insects