Edible insects, insect flour and frozen insects

Why we should eat dining insects

Anyone who thinks about insects thinks of many legs or no legs. Low that flies through the area, jumps or crawl on the floor and crawls. Often these living beings are equipped with a Chitinpanzer, bristles, hair, poker. What I'm trying to describe is the most species-rich animal class: insects.

Currently there are about 1 million insect species, which means that more than 50% of all species are insects. Despite this, many people in the European room are still inking insects, which is understandable, because so far, insects were not eating on our menu. However, insects from ecological and nutritional perspective provide many advantages. The insects offers food, not only people benefits but also the environment. Insects will play an increasingly important role in our diet in the future, they will not replace the meat consumption completely. However, edible insects are a substantial part of our future diet.

Currently, around 1900 insect species are consumed in the world, here in Germany, mainly grasshoppers, meal worms and grille are also prefers to eat. What speaks for an insect consumption is, above all, in addition to the ecological and taste aspects of other aspects, such as economic and animal-ethnic reasons.

Therefore, there is currently no better alternative to our meat than insects.

5 reasons for edible insects

1. Insects have a very high edible content

80% of an insect can be eaten, in comparison we are at a beef at 40%.


2. Insects need less room

They can be grown much more effective and more specifically, as they need less space and space.


3. Insects need a lot less feed

Compared to a cattle, the 8 kilo feed needs, an insect requires only 2 kilos of feed.

4. Insects consume less water

16000x More water is needed for a kilo of bovine meat compared to an insect.

5. Insects have a very high protein content

In addition to the animals, insects also exceed the well-known vegetable protein carriers, such as hüls fruits, cereals, nuts and sprouts. The nutrition of insects plays an important role, which is decisive for the protein content with an insect.