Even if it may seem shocking, Grasshoppers Are more nutrients than other foods such as beef, chicken or pork and according to the Biological Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), these beetles also have medical features.

They are also strongly recommended for their high levels of A-, B and C vitamins and proteins. They are even richer of proteins as a milk and fish, they also provide more energy than wheat. Grasshoppers are also rich in fiber and provide magnesium, calcium and zinc.


Grasshoppers eat

Unam researchers have found that "Chapulines contain 62.93% total protein, from which 89.63% are digestible." Therefore, these insects are easily digestible and help to improve digestion.

In addition, the consumption of insects reduces the risk of developing zoonosecrodicities such as H1N1, E. coli infections and salmonella, which are transmitted among other animals to humans.