Think new!
Go the new way with us!

Bugoo and his crew

The team currently consists of my bugoos and me.

I am Michael from Hanover, play football and cook. Since my youth I like to try new things. Over time, I have also developed special interest to culinary cuisine.

Last year I tried for the first time insects. Of course, I was backed up due to the sight.

After the first try, my prejudices and inhibitions have quickly placed.

The taste has surprised me positively and since then I am constantly integrating my bugoos in different recipes.

Because in addition to the delicious taste, insects also contain first-class nutritional values. That was aware of that, but I never expected to add them in my meals.

The interest grew and I realized that there are many prejudices other than foods in my environment. For this reason, I made myself to convince my family and friends of my bugoo's.

After doing that, I want to convince more people in my environment or even throughout Hannover and maybe throughout Germany, to get to know this delicious and resource-saving bugoo's.

Dare, convince you and goes the new way with us!

our mission

To establish our bugoos as food and convince you of the advantages.

You do something good for your body and the environment.

Test it yourself!

Our partners

We are currently working with various suppliers who are certified insects as food. We and our suppliers have a high quality standards and to the food.

Our performance

Insects are resource-saving compared to other foods. They consume less lining, less area, less water and less CO2, as, for example, a beef.

Our vision

We want to go with you a new way.


Resource-saving, but without loss of quality!