Time online - to table, the grasshoppers are ready

Start-up for edible insects: Michael Blaubzik from Bugoo shows a grasshopper on the Linden market square. The start-up founder wants to encourage people to switch their menu on insects. Hannover (dpa) - A quick look, she is amazed, then she continues. After a few meters, it stops, turns around and only succeeds the market stall from a distance, then it comes back. She looks at the goods that were out, packed in small and larger sachets. The dealer wants to help the woman, think she is relocated to come back later - or in a week. The dealer, the 32 -year -old Michael Blaubzik, nods understanding, he knows that. What confused the customer?

It is a very special delicacy that probably hardly anyone on the menu: insects. Although: "I've been going after them for weeks," says another customer almost reproachfully. Andrea Reißmann knows insects thanks to a colleague who worked in Africa and brought roasted grasshoppers - "they taste like shrimp". Now she is curious, wants to know and try more. Start-up does customers make insects tasty like mealworms? They are "delicious" anyway, she says knowingly and points to the packs with baked grasshoppers: "I want the big ones" - and grill, in herbs, chilli or garlic. She does not have to overcome disgust, although she does not find the bustle of insects particularly appetizing. Because: "What's better with proteins?" Well, that wants to be carefully thought out, many customers seem to think.

But if you really stop and try, you can hardly be assessed, says Blaubzik. He suspected that younger people are more interested in the crispy crawling animals, but his customers were mixed. There is still no real market for it, but in the long run, in five to ten years, who knows - maybe it will be normal. One thing is certain: A lot of information is part of it, says the 32-year-old, who founded his start-up "Bugoo" in April-the English word "bug" because of the insects and the two attached "oo" because of the sound. Insects as a statement against factory farming by business economist, who has experience in e -commerce, knows: his business model - and its goods - he has to explain to people. Therefore, he is standing at the weekly market in the Hanover district of Linden on Saturdays, because "simply", so much is certain, people would not get on his online shop.

He does not breed the insects himself, but refer them from breeders in Germany and Holland. The freezer -dried insects would be baked, packed and sold in a rented kitchen. What did it get him? "The factory farming cannot go on," emphasizes Blastzik. Many of his potential customers probably see that, but some are "not yet ready".

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