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Snack's edible insects land on the German food market. The crawling animals score with a high protein content and more sustainable production than meat. Disgusting food or healthy enrichment? Here you can find out what you need to know about grilled grasshoppers and Co.
The most important facts shortly:
In Germany, edible insects still trigger more disgust than enjoyment. They score with their high protein content and more environmentally friendly production than meat.
While grilled beetles and chocolate grasshoppers are already common in many countries, there are only a few insect products in supermarkets and restaurants in this country.
In insect breeding there is still no knowledge and regulations - especially for attitude, killing and approval of processing companies.
Insects for consumption on the plate

Why eat insects?
Enormous diversity: What insects can I eat?
Where can I try edible insects?
How safe is it to eat insects?
Podcast: Have you ever tried mealworms with garlic?
Eat insects - pay attention to allergies!
Which animal welfare standards apply in insect breeding?
Other countries, other eating habits
Fried wasps instead of fries, worm burger instead of minced meat patties. Edible insects are considered promising innovation in the food industry. No wonder, because even if it sounds disgusting for many: the edible crawling animals not only score with a lot of protein and more sustainable production than meat.
Why eat insects?

Edible insects have long been used in animal feeding to cover the protein requirement of farm animals. But they also offer some advantages for humans:
Protein source with vitamin B: That is why insects are healthy.
Edible insects are an excellent source for omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and important minerals. Simple and polyunsaturated fatty acids can be found in all insects, and the crawling animals have a similar protein content as beef, pig or turkey, but freezer -dried. The exact protein content varies depending on the type of insect.
But the type of food can also affect the nutrient composition of insects. Reliable data on vitamins and minerals are still very incomplete. When considering the content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the amount consumed must be taken into account. The products currently available on the German market contain only small amounts of insects.

Insects are more climate -friendly
Studies show that insects are more climate -friendly than meat: they need less space and water than cattle, pigs or chickens and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Critics see the required operating temperature for insect breeding as problematic. In Germany, the systems would have to be heated over several months.

Sustainable alternative to meat from farm animals
In terms of sustainability, insects also gain in terms of sustainability: their share of consumption is significantly higher at 80 percent than, for example, in cattle (40 percent).
Enormous diversity: What insects can I eat?

In Germany, edible insects are still unusual and often associated with disgust. However, according to the United Nations' Nutrition and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the crawling animals already serve two billion people worldwide as a source of food. A market check published in October 2020 showed that there are hardly any insect products in stationary trade. Only 32 products were able to find consumer advocates, although the shelves of the most important retailers in Germany were systematically "combed".
The approximately 2000 edible insect species include beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, grilling and mealworms.
Mealworms: a special protein source for athletes

Mealworms: a special source of protein for athletes.
The widespread mealworm has special added value, especially for athletes. Because if mealworms are freezing, the protein content increases from 18.7 percent to 50.9 percent. For comparison: beef has 22.3 percent, pork and chicken 22.8 percent. For this reason, there are already some protein bars and powder on meal base for athletes.
Nevertheless, very few athletes need this extra portion of protein in the form of bars and the like.
Where can I try edible insects?

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